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Policies & Procedures

Apr 2021 Code of Conduct 2021

Apr 2021 Register of Interests form 2021

BFPC Community Engagement Strategy

BFPC Covid-19 Risk Assessment Plan

BFPC FOI Information Request Form Jan 2018

BFPC Forward Plan 201819

BFPC General Privacy Notice May 2018

BFPC Grant Application Form

BFPC Grants & Donations Policy review

BFPC Making a FOI request Jan 2018

BFPC Parish Plan - May 2018 version

BFPC Planning 5 day protocol-adopted Feb 2019

BFPC Publications List May 2018

BFPC Service Level Agreement

BFPC Standing Orders April 2018

BFPC Terms of Reference all Committees

BFPC Training Policy for new staff and councillors Oct 2017

BFPC Vexatious Complaints Policy May 2018

Dealing with correspondence

Dec 2020 Transparency Code - Action Plan 1

Dec 2020 Transparency Code - Action Plan 2

Dec 2020 Transparency Code - Action Plan 3

Dec 2020 Transparency Code - Action Plan 4

Dec 2021 Budget & Precept briefing document

Equality Policy

Expenses Policy

Feb 2021 Bio diversity policy

Feb 2022 Section 137 briefing note

Financial Reserves Policy 2020

Financial Risk Assessment 2020

July 2021 Certificate of disinfection

July 2021 Hatt Recreation Method statement

July 2021 Hatt Recreation Risk Assessment

June 2021 Financial Regulations (NALC) 2019

June 2021 Standing Orders (NALC) 2018

Lone working Policy

May 2021 Governance - Policies list 2021

May 2021 Publications Scheme 2021

May 2021 Register of Interests form 2021 version2

May 2022 Community Engagement Strategy

May 2022 Councillor's responsibilities schedule

May 2022 Model Publications Scheme

Nov 2020 Governance - Policies, procedures & review dates

Oct 2020 Model Publications Scheme

Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation 2020

Sept 2020 Bad Debts Policy

Sept 2020 Co-option of new Councillors procedure

Sept 2020 Contract procedures

Sept 2020 Fraud Policy statement

Sept 2020 Grants Policy

Sept 2020 Safeguarding Policy statement

Sept 2020 Training & Development Policy

Training & Development Policy

Vexatious correspondence and complaints policy


Apr 2020 Planning Applications1 23 Apr 2020

Apr 2020 Planning Applications2 23 Apr 2020

Apr 2021 Elections Timetable 2021

Apr 2021 Statement of Persons Nominated Botus Fleming Parish Council

Apr 2021 Statement of Persons Nominated Saltash Trematon & Landrake

Apr 2022 Kompan Playground Equipment quotation

Apr 2022 Public Works Loan Board statement

Aug 2020 Casual Vacancy Notice

Aug 2021 Casual Vacancy appointment

BFPC Annual Meeting of the Parish

BFPC Annual Parish Meeting 23 May 2018

BFPC Boundary Map

BFPC Casual Vacancy Notice March 2019

BFPC Casual Vacancy Notice1

BFPC Casual Vacancy Notice2

BFPC Casual Vacancy Notice3

BFPC Co-option of Councillor Notice

BFPC Co-option of Councillor Notice

BFPC Co-option of Councillor Notice

BFPC Notice of Vacancies Oct 2018

BFPC Notice of Vacancy Feb 2019


Botus Fleming Grasscutting Tender Documents Jan 2018

Christmas Fayre 2018

Cornwall Council Polling District & Places review

Dec 2020 Meetings Schedule 2021

Feb 2021 Procurement report briefing document

Jan 2021 Advertisement grass cutting tender

Jan 2021 Casual Vacancy Notice

Jan 2021 Contract Tender Document & Timetable

Jan 2021 Hatt grass cutting areas

Jan 2021 Invitation to Tenderers

Jan 2021 Specifications 1 & 2

Jan 2021 Tender Quotation & Declaration

July 2019 Big Event Expenditure analysis

July 2019 Big Event Income analysis

July 2021 Casual Vacancy Notice

Jun 2021 Audit Notice of Public Rights

June 2019 Audit Explainer

June 2019 Audit Notice

June 2020 Audit Explainer report (AGAR)

June 2020 Audit Public Rights Notice

June 2020 Planning Applications1 27 May 2020

June 2020 Planning Applications2 27 May 2020

Mar 2020 Announcement to Residents

Mar 2020 Caradon Corona Virus Community Support

Mar 2020 Coronavirus advice for the elderly

Mar 2020 COVID-19 Announcement to residents

Mar 2020 COVID-19 Announcement to residents Public Meetings

Mar 2020 COVID-19 Community support

Mar 2020 COVID-19 Volunteer Cornwall Coronavirus Awareness

Mar 2020 Home delivery service Saltash & Area

Mar 2020 Planning Applications Notice

Mar 2020 Planning Applications1 25 Mar 2020

Mar 2021 Grass cutting contract1

Mar 2021 Grass cutting contract2

Mar 2021 Grass cutting contract3

Mar 2021 Notice of Election East

Mar 2021 Notice of Election West

Mar 2021 Notice of Election1

Mar 2021 Notice of Election2

May 2019 Big Event Risk Assessment

May 2019 Big Event Safety Plan

May 2022 Grass cutting fact sheet

May 2022 Verge Maintenance fact sheet

Meetings Schedule 2019

Meetings Schedule 2019

Notice of Election South West electoral region

Oct 2020 Casual Vacancy Notice

Parish Council Election Results May 2017

Sept 2021 AGAR section 2 amended

Sept 2021 Conclusion of Audit report

Sept 2021 External Auditor Report & Certificate 2020/21

Welcome to Botus Fleming Parish Council

WW1 Commemoration 2018


Accounting statements 2018 2019

AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2019-2020

AGAR section 2 accounting statement - amended

Annual Governance statement 2018 2019

Annual Governance-Transparency Code

Audit Explainer June 2018

Aug 2020 BOTHER meeting minutes 6.8.20

Aug 2021 Letter to Mr Thanabalasingham

Carlton Villas

Certificate of Exemption 2018 2019

Chairman Resignation letter Cllr M Ellis

Complaint response

Complaint T Aughey

Council response to resident (NDP)

D Morgan Letter to Parish Council

Ellenden Letter to Parish Council

Ellenden Letter to Parish Council

Ellenden Letter to Parish Council

Ellenden Letter to Parish Council

Feb 2019 Councillor's responsibilities list

Gross misconduct complaint response

Item 1 Expenditure June 2018

Item 2 Accounting Statement June 2018

Item 3 Governance Statement June 2018

Item 4 Annual Audit Report June 2018

Item 5 Councillors Responsibilities June 2018

Item 6 Asset Register June 2018

July 2020 BOTHER meeting minutes 21.7.20

June 2020 AGAR Accounting statement 2019 2020

June 2020 AGAR Annual Governance statement 2019 2020

June 2021 Filming & Recording policy

Letter to D Morgan from Parish Council

Letter to Ellenden from Parish Council

Letter to Ellenden from Parish Council

Letter to Resident

Mr Jarvis letter to Parish Council1

Mr Jarvis letter to Parish Council2

Nov 2019 BOTHER meeting minutes 20.11.19

Oct 2019 BOTHER meeting minutes 8.10.19

Oct 2019 BOTHER Mission statement

Public Rights Notice June 2018

Resignation letter Cllr A Smith

Resignation letter Cllr D Morgan

Resignation letter Cllr S Malcolm

Resignation letter Cllr T Aughey

Sept 2018 Accounting Statment 2017 2018

Sept 2018 Annual Governance Statement 2017 2018

Sept 2018 external Auditor Report & Certificate 2017 2018

Sept 2018 Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Sept 2019 Climate Action Group minutes 280819

Transparency Regulations Explained

Botus Fleming Neighbourhood Development Plan

Application for designation of NDP Area

Big Lunch Report June 2017

NDP & Big Lunch Position Statement

NDP General Information

NDP Report June 2017

NDP update Feb 2019

NDP update Nov 2018

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