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Our Parish Councillors

Chairman Mr David Edwards

Villaton Farmhouse, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6PP
Tel: 07889 177797

Vice Chairman Mr David Willey

15 Stuarts Way, Hatt, Saltash Cornwall PL12 6PN
Tel: 07879 413376

Councillor Mr Mervyn Ellis

48 Sunnybanks, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6SA
Tel: 01752 843272

Councillor Mr Malcolm Fletcher

Mount Pleasant, Saltash PL12 6NQ
Tel: 07753-966834

Councillor Mr John Robinson

56 Sunnybanks, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6SA
Tel: 01752 840125

Councillor Mr Martin Smith

18 Andrews Way, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6PE
Tel: 07505732870

Councillor Mr Brian Venables

Manor Barn, Manor Farm Trematon, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6PJ
Tel: 07960 010666

Councillor Ms Sally White

98 Sunnybanks, Hatt, Saltash PL12 6SA
Tel: 01752 846585

Parish Clerk Mr Christopher Cook

24 Rashleigh Avenue, Saltash PL12 4NS
Tel: 07523 005414

Register of Interests

All Councillors have to declare their financial interests as a condition of holding elected office. This information is available in the public domain so that residents may be able to judge for themselves whether any Councillor may have a potential for conflict of interest in the decisions they make. View and download the Register of Interests for any Botus Fleming Parish Councillor.

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